MU800Hi Capped curtain wall system


MU800Hi is the latest in a range of curtain wall systems on offer from AMS. This is our new mullion drained curtain wall system which is drained, ventilated and tested to all the latest BS, EN and CWCT standards. MU800Hi is available in a wide range of mullion and transom combinations which offers greater design flexibility while ensuring structural integrity and maintaining our standard 55mm sightline. The system also has the facility of being zone drained with the use of our specialised draining profiles. This offers further design flexibility especially for high-rise applications. Glazing options for MU800Hi range from 28 to 54mm in depth. This coupled with our new deeper thermal isolator greatly enhances the thermal performance of a façade.

The MU800Hi curtain wall is suitable for vertical and sloped glazing applications. It is designed to comply with, and exceed, the latest thermal and structural requirements of the building regulations and is manufactured to exacting standards enabling economy to be combined with strength thus providing many years of aesthetic, sustainable and trouble free performance.

Furthermore, MU800Hi offers a modular design look with the use of our Matrix cap sections. The matrix cap system is available in 3 different depths to suit a range of interface details and also has the option of a frameless sash insert.

All these attributes coupled with our in house aluminium extrusion facility in Ireland allows us unlimited flexibility to design and produce bespoke profiles systems to suit modern, pioneering design. What we at AMS are offering are high end, economical solutions, for value added engineering.

System advantages:

  • Flexibility in design with extensive range of capping options.
  • Various profile strength for high and low rise applications. Mullion size range from 70mm up to180mm.
  • Fully compatible with TS66, XT66 windows and doors.
  • Ease of fabrication and installation with the latest manufacturing techniques.
  • Bespoke design with in-house extrusion and design facilities.
  • Slim 55m sightline throughout the curtain wall suite of profiles.
  • Modular option with matrix capping.

Weather Performance:

  • Tested to CWCT standards, sequence B.
  • Air Classification – A4: 600 Pa.
  • Water Tightness, static – R7: 600 Pa.
  • Wind Resistance, serviceability – 2400 Pa.
  • Water Tightness, Dynamic – Pass.
  • Water tightness hose test - Pass
  • Wind resistance safety - 3600Pa
  • Impact resistance - Class 5


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