Thermal Breaking


AMS ‘Therm strip’ advanced thermal break process is a unique and patented system. Current patents apply in Ireland, UK, USA and Canada. The use of patented Therm strip technology with polyurethane resin (TS systems) and polyurethane foam (XT systems) allows AMS to be one of the leaders in the supply of energy efficient and sustainable systems in the world.

In addition, our Therm strip thermal break systems offer increased thermal efficiency with higher shear and flexural strength characteristics over other equivalent thermal break systems.

Further advancements made in our thermal break technology have enabled the use of polyurethane foam in our window systems which offer greater thermal efficiency whilst retaining structural stability and hardware retention. Again this advancement is unique to AMS and carry’s a patent on the process. This again proves the diversity, flexibility and ability to adapt to the ever changing requirements of the building industry.

Advantages, Benefits & Uses

  • Polyurethane resin & polyurethane foam with low thermal conductivity values
  • Allows excellent system U-values.
  • Patented System.

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