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AMS - Approved Tiger Coatings Powder Applicator

AMS - Approved Tiger Coatings Powder Applicator

In 2019, AMS - Architectural & Metal Systems became approved applicators for Tiger Coatings Powder, we have recently completed our first job using their 68/15153 Deore 618 class 2 powder for a project in East Wick and Sweetwater, London for our customer Clarke Facades of Ballymena. The project specific extrusions, which we also extruded here in Cork, will be used as handrails and rainscreen features on the building designed by Piercy & Company architects for Balfour Beatty.


The above image contains the profiles going through our Vertical Paint Line supplied by SAT which has been running since 2008. This line paints on average 5000 lengths per day which is the equivalent of between 25 and 30 tonnes of aluminium. We have been utilising an environmentally friendly Chrome Free pre-treatment systems since the outset when we started painting back in 2002. The process is supplied and monitored by Chemetall and has proven to be a very robust and reliable product to us over the years.


AMS hold a Qualicoat Seaside approved licence which is vital to a company supplying materials to an Island nation such as Ireland. We have no idea where some of our products will end up once they leave our factory, so it is good to know that the coatings we supply will have at least the best possible start in life.

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