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AMS Break Records

AMS Break Records

We are delighted at AMS - Architectural & Metal Systems to have 2 record days in terms of nett tonnes of aluminium extrusion produced at our plant in Cork last week. 47.6 tonnes on Wednesday last was quickly followed by 48.4 tonnes on Thursday which just brought us just shy of the 100 tonnes Mark or 100,000 kgs in just 2 days.

Our second Gia Clecim Press press has delivered on it's promise and given us the room and flexibility to help us service our customers and keep them #producing their products in what seems to be a very #busy time for the aluminium industry.

Pat O Hara, AMS sales director, always remembers what Frank O Mahony of Wilson Architecture OMMW once said to him......"Aluminium is such a wonderful material, you can do almost anything with it"

I guess we at AMS just take it for granted as we have been living with it for so long. Hopefully we will continue to set records as demand for this once mid eighteen-hundreds precious metal continues for many years to come.

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