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At AMS, health and safety takes centre stage in all of our processes. Its importance is enshrined from the design stage right through to delivery.

Continuous safety improvements in systems monitoring, work procedures and processes that people interact with within the organisation are very important to us.

We provide learning opportunities for our people to develop both professionally and personally. Some of the initiatives we have in place to ensure this, are: job specific/bespoke inductions and ensuring SOP’s are up-to-date and understood. Some of our training includes toolbox talks, introduction to new machinery/processes and personal protective equipment training utilisation training.

We have made and continue to make significant health & safety investments in all our work settings. We remain committed to ensuring our employees work in the safest possible environment in accordance with the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and applicable EU and Irish legislation.

As part of our company accreditations, AMS follow the requirements of the international standards for quality (ISO 9001), environmental protection (ISO 14001), energy management (ISO 50001) and aim to have the new Health & Safety (ISO 45001) standard in place in 2019.

Implementation of these management systems and standards are regularly checked for levels of effectiveness, thereby ensuring continual improvements for our people, products and customers.

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