Corporate and Social Responsibility

AMS are working towards responsible and sustainable business practices through the adoption and implementation of best practice CSR in enterprise. AMS recognise that our activities have an impact of the social, environments and economic welfare of our communities in which we conduct our business. By addressing these impacts, we can make improvements in the value and performance of our organisational goals and responsibilities towards creating a better environment for us and others. Our corporate decisions are made taking economic, environmental and social aspects into consideration as well as the potential impacts of our activity.

The four core dimensions for CSR in AMS are:

  • The Community
  • The Environment
  • The Marketplace
  • The Workplace

We support our CSR activity through bringing about helping employees better understand the benefits of embedding CSR and responsible business practices into the day-to-day activities of businesses operating in Ireland. Supporting the development of effective CSR practices in business through accessible and appropriate information resources. Promoting and highlighting best practice CSR, CSR news and events and advocating relevant policy priorities that align with best practices.