Aluminium Day 2024

25 March 2024

Today Architectural and Metal Systems is celebrating Aluminium Day 2024. The date itself, the 13th day of the third month, gives a nod to the fact that aluminium is the most abundant metal on Earth and the 3rd most abundant element, its atomic number is 13.

In line with the amazing properties of Aluminium, AMS has gone a stage further by over the past 6 months transitioning all of our architectural products to 50% post consumed recycled products with their “BLO3” range of aluminium alloy.

By reducing our reliance on virgin aluminium and incorporating recycled materials, AMS is not only contributing to resource conservation but also reducing our carbon footprint associated with our architectural products. We can also offer a 75% post consumed alloy which is produced to order and a low carbon prime alloy that is produced using Hydro electricity.

Achieving a carbon footprint below 3 tonnes of carbon per tonne of aluminium demonstrates AMS’s commitment to environmental responsibility. This low carbon footprint further indicates our commitment in employing energy-efficient production processes, utilising renewable energy sources, and implementing measures to minimise emissions throughout our operations. We are currently on target to switch on our 1 MW of solar panels over the next few weeks which will mean 20% of our requirement will be totally renewable energy produced on site in Little Island, with further expansion of this project planned.

By making this announcement on World Aluminium Day, AMS is highlighting our dedication to sustainability and inspiring others in the Aluminium industry to follow suit. This move aligns AMS with global efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable practices in manufacturing.

Customers and stakeholders appreciate AMS’s efforts to prioritise environmental sustainability, which can enhance our company’s reputation and attractiveness in this market.

Our commitment to sustainability is a significant milestone that highlights our leadership in sustainable aluminium production and sets a positive example for the industry as a whole.