Anodising Plant Update

25 March 2024

Since starting to anodise in May 2022 we have slowly but surely built up our process to where we are now anodising 5 days a week.
The start-up was smooth, and we attained our Qualanod certification in January of 2023, which was a pretty good achievement.
We took our time to get to know this new process to AMS to determine what was required to ensure a good and consistent surface finish every time.
With word spreading, experience and confidence growing (we previously had to send this work to the UK and get it back) our anodising has turned out to be a very good investment for the future of our company.

Anodising was invented in 1923 which means it is over 100 years old, it is a very tough, scratch and corrosion resistant product, as well as being a very appealing and nice to touch finish for architectural, and other applications and compliments our offering of powder coated and Decoral wood finish finishes for the products that we extrude here in Cork.

AMS have developed a CPD for the 3 surface finishes (Anodising , Powder Coating & Sublimation ) that we designed in house and is approved by the RIAI. It has been very well received by architectural practices all over Ireland and with over 20 CPD’s already presented this year, and a lot more confirmed for the months ahead, we hope to demonstrate to architects the benefits of all 3 surface finishes, each one having its place either on the inside or outside of a building being newly designed or remodelled.