At AMS we are always looking for the opportunity to develop & grow not only our organisation but also the employees who lead the organisation. Continuously improving our processes across all our departments is something we are very passionate about within our facility in Little Island. We try to implement a lean & efficient mindset in all aspects of our business to utilise our equipment and our staff to the best of their capabilities.

Over the course of the last 4 months we have been running a Green Belt Programme for 8 of our employees & it is with great pleasure that on the 26th of March our staff members had the opportunity to Present their Green Belt Projects for the Directors & Project sponsors within the company.

The projects included:

8. Performing better quality measures & implementing new protocols to satisfy our customers
9. Improving the Efficiency of our set up times on our CNC machines to increase production
10. A New Labelling System incorporated to seamlessly transfer information to our customers
11. New & Improved Preventative Maintenance Protocol
12. Increasing the Quality & Efficiency of our Anodising Department
13. Improved Practices in Water Usage
14. Introduction to Digitalisation within our Organisation

The hard work is now complete & the last part of the programme will be to complete the Green Belt exam throughout the month of April which will be sent to U.L for review. From here its all about the sustaining the changes that have been made but with the strength of our work force this should not be an issue & we are already looking forward to the next programme to commence.

Also, A big Thank you to Susan Clancy of BPI Services for running this programme & always looking to support us in the upkeep of Lean Manufacturing.