Nothing beats a nice bright colour on the paint line. Our vertical paint line has been with us since the mid noughties and it just about says it all when it comes to automation, drill or punch a hole on an extruded bar of aluminium and 4 hours later it comes off.

There is an awful lot going on in-between of course, hourly checking of chemicals, temperatures , quality , coating thickness, to mention a few, AMS hold a Qualicoat Seaside licence and were the first company in Ireland and the British isles to be awarded a licence utilising a chrome free pretreatment.
That was over 21 years ago now and last year we painted over 1 million profiles on this line alone, not to mention the high-volume horizontal paint line we have had since 2002.
Our investment in finishing aluminium that we extrude inhouse or fabricate from sheet metal has paid off over the years, there is nothing like having total control of the quality of metal that we process and the speed of turn around that we can offer, with our 2nd horizontal line to come on stream soon, things will only get better.