Lift and Slide Door

The AMS MU144 lift and slide door system is an internally glazed system that can take units ranging from 28 mm up to 40 mm in depth. It is available in single RAL, Anodic and “Decoral” wood finish colours as standard.


The MU144 Lift & Slide Door system by AMS, blends clever design and stylish looks to offer a modern and architecturally attractive entrance system, with robust and practical characteristics. The system maximises the glazing area to offer sunlight with minimum restriction, brightening up any internal space nearby.  The minimalistic profiles heighten the senses of being one with the world outside.

The effortless lift and slide action allows such ease of opening, allowing the customer to open doors with sizes up to 2.7m in height and weights up to 300 kg without exertion. This practical system is available in a wide range of configurations, including double and triple track options offering flexibility previously unknown to the Lift& Slide market. The system is further complimented with various add-on profiles, where exposed locations demand more rugged features.  AMS is also happy to offer Marine Guarantees when required.

  • Maximum Opening Door Height: 2675 mm
  • Maximum Opening Door Width: 3350 mm
  • Maximum Opening Door Weight: 300 kg
  • Seamless glide operation
  • Dual colour available


  • Tested to EN – 14351-1
  • Air Classification – 4: 600 Pa
  • Water Tightness – Class 8A: 450 Pa
  • Wind Resistance – Class C3:1200 Pa
  • Thermal Transmittance Uf [W/(m²K)]1.82 – 3.0

Thermal Performance:

Door and project U-values can be calculated and compliance demonstrated using our LogiKal software.

Our Projects

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