XT66 Performance Plus Rebated Door

The AMS XT66 Rebated Door is truly a door without compromise. It blends superior, patented, thermal technology, only found in AMS systems with expert design that incorporates high levels of energy performance. The system offers enhanced security features and is certified to the highly recognised Secured by Design standards.


The AMS XT66 Performance Plus door system combines cutting edge architectural design features with market leading thermal performance. The system utilises patented “XT” thermal break technology platform developed in-house by AMS. Following on from the XT66 door system, the XT66 PP incorporates upgraded features that increase reliability and performance. The design enhancements offer the client increased thermal efficiency and weather tightness with the introduction of a new gasketing configuration and component upgrades. The XT66 Performance Plus door system is fully compatible with the XT66 Performance Plus window system and fully integrates with AMS MU series curtain wall systems.

The XT66 Performance Plus door system is offered in AMS’s finishing options including single and dual colour powder coatings, Decoral ‘wood’ finish coatings and anodised, all completed in-house at AMS. The system can be glazed with double and triple glazed units from 28mm up to 48mm, and multiple threshold options are available.



  • Tested to PAS24: 2016
  • Air classification – 4: 600 Pa – open out
  • Water tightness – E750: (750 Pa) – open out
  • Wind resistance – E2400: (2400 Pa)


Table based on a single door 1.23 x 2.18 m high with midrail, a double door 2.0 m wide x 2.18 m high fully glazed with no midrail. Glass psi value taken as 0.05 for double glazing and 0.04 for triple glazing. All U-value calculations based on threshold option A.







  • Resistance to racking and static torsion = Class 3
  • Resistance to repeated opening and closing = Class 3 (20K Cycles)
  • Operating forces = Class 1
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